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NYS Senators Jamaal T. Bailey, Nathalia Fernandez and Assemblymember Dana Levenberg Endorse William Wagstaff For Westchester District Attorney

Feb 12, 2024

Progressive Powerhouses’ Endorsements Boost Wagstaff’s Bid for Today’s Westchester County Democratic Party Nomination for DA

White Plains, NY—Westchester County District Attorney candidate William O. Wagstaff III announced endorsements from State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey, State Senator Nathalia Fernandez, and Assemblymember Dana Levenberg, boosting campaign support on the day of the Westchester County Democratic Party’s Nomination Convention. This comes on the heels of recent endorsements from Assemblymember Chris Burdick, the Mayor of the City of Peekskill, Vivian C. McKenzie, and the Westchester County Board of Legislators Majority Leader Tyrae Woodson-Samuels, alongside a 100% pro-choice rating by Choice Matters.


Wagstaff, a renowned civil rights and defense attorney, bolstered his frontrunner status as the Westchester County Democratic Committee is set to nominate one of three candidates in the heated DA race this evening.


"I have long advocated for significant criminal justice reforms and alternatives to incarceration while improving community relations and public safety. I must have government partners committed to this work and that is why I pledge my full support to William O. Wagstaff III for Westchester County District Attorney,” said Sen. Bailey (D-Westchester & The Bronx). “We need forward thinking and innovative leadership that can understand that true public safety can only be achieved by coming together."


“Sen. Bailey is THE voice in the State Senate leading the conversation on improving public safety while treating our communities with respect,” Wagstaff said. “I’m deeply appreciative of the Senator's support as we deliver the real change that our justice system needs.”

Sen. Bailey, a leading criminal justice reform lawmaker, represents Mount Vernon, where Wagstaff serves as the city’s Special Prosecutor for Police Disciplinary Hearings, holding bad actors accountable while also supporting law enforcement.


The Mount Vernon native also serves as Special Counsel to Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, who also endorsed Wagstaff for DA.


State Senator Nathalia Fernandez (D-Westchester & The Bronx) said in her endorsement, “William is a dynamic leader with a clear commitment to empowering a fair and robust justice system. His unique experience and record of work give me the confidence of his ability to deliver justice and equity while working closely with our communities to enhance measures of public safety. I am supporting him for Westchester District Attorney.”


“I’m extremely grateful for Senator Fernandez’s support–she has successfully implemented significant criminal justice reforms and is a steadfast advocate for equity,” said Wagstaff.


New York State Assemblymember Dana Levenberg (D - Westchester) said, "I am proud to endorse William Wagstaff for Westchester County District Attorney. William truly understands the root causes of the criminal justice system's challenges. His unique perspective and experience are exactly what is needed to improve our system in a proactive, rather than reactive, fashion."


Wagstaff replied, “I’m honored to be backed by Assemblymember Levenberg, a true champion for promoting restorative justice and advancing game-changing laws to make our county and state safer and fairer.”


Assemblymember Levenberg’s praise of Wagstaff’s unique experience highlights the respected attorney handling many of Westchester’s highest-profile civil rights cases.


Wagstaff, who also holds an MBA from Fordham, plans to use a forward-thinking, data-driven approach “to make Westchester County safer with integrity, to proactively address gun violence, hate crimes, domestic violence, and property crime.”


As the Westchester County Democratic Committee makes its nomination for the District Attorney candidate this evening ahead of the June Primary, Wagstaff said that “the status quo is failing us, and I have a track record unlike any other candidate in history to deliver real change instead of rhetoric to bring fair and equitable justice to every corner of the county.”


Other candidates “are going to speak to a career of being a former prosecutor, people who are doing things the way they’ve always been done,” Wagstaff concluded. “My track record, immense financial support, and over 30 diverse endorsements reflect that I am poised to meet the moment and make the District Attorney’s office a vehicle for positive change.”


To-date, William has been endorsed by the following Democratic leaders and organizations:

Shawyn Patterson-Howard

Mayor, Mount Vernon

Vivian McKenzie

Mayor, Peekskill


Tony Gonçalves

Town Supervisor, Lewisboro


Ellen Calves

Town Supervisor, Bedford


Jamaal T. Bailey

NYS Senator


Nathalia Fernandez

NYS Senator


Chris Burdick

NYS Assemblymember

Dana Levenberg

NYS Assemblymember

Tyrae Woodson-Samuels

County Legislator & BOL Majority Leader

Jewel Williams-Johnson

County Legislator

Darren Morton

Comptroller, Mount Vernon

Omar Lopez

Deputy Mayor, Ossining

Gina Jackson

Town Board Member, Greenburgh

Mary Shah

Town Board Member, Lewisboro

Joy Haber

Town Board Member, Greenburgh

Shane Osinloye

City Council, New Rochelle

Cathlin Gleason

City Council President, Mount Vernon

Jaevon Boxhill

City Council, Mount Vernon

Derrick Thompson

City Council, Mount Vernon

Danielle Browne

City Council, Mount Vernon

Ed Poteat

City Council, Mount Vernon

Andrés Castillo

Town Board Member, Bedford

Stephanie McCaine

Town Board Member, Bedford

Ruth Hassell-Thompson

Former NYS Senator 36th District

Ernie Davis

Former Mount Vernon Mayor

Alfreda Williams

Former County Legislator, 8 LD

Danielle Tagger-Epstein

Rye City Dems Chair

Mary Graves

Mount Vernon City Dems Chair

Jenn Castelhano

Lewisboro Town Dems Chair

NY Working Families Party


White Plains Democratic Committee

Lewisboro Democratic Committee

Mount Vernon Democratic Committee

Bedford Democratic Committee

New Castle Democratic Committee

North Salem Democratic Committee


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